Ty (operationtyler) wrote in socal_trans,

Stay Away From This Site!

Attention all members of the Trans and Intersexed Community:

Be advised this site www.genderid.org is run and operated by one Arianna Davis, someone who is deliberately mis-representing herself as a PhD in Neuroscience. Do not be misled into giving this person money or personal information.
This comes from personal experience as I lived with this person for several months and came to know her methods on a familiar basis. In fact, I am current in contact with one of the people that Arianna is claiming is a board member. They were not aware they're picture was being use, on top of the fact that information on the website is blatantly false.

So I repeat, please stay away from this website.

I will be cross-posting this to the communities that I am apart of, though please spread the word out to any others you may know of.

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