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Teri Tinsley, L.A. transgender & HIV Advocate - rest in peace

Our Beloved Sister Teri Tinsley, written by Ms. Valerie Spencer

This is a word about our dear sister Teri Tinsley. Teri is a bright light. An individual that was unique and brought so much down home goodness to our lives. We will miss her, will we not? I met Teri when Kellii Trombacco and I coordinated the Life Skills Training Program at Minority AIDS Project. She came, told us how her life had changed, and how she was ready to “participate in her own success” (Kellii’s often used term). And that she did. Even with the limited resources and the limitations of its facilitators, she was loyal to her own growth. Teri stayed at MAP and became one of its key leaders and soon a relevant force in Transgender movements in Los Angeles. Teri was clear that what she could do, she would, and that was that. I loved her. I loved her spirit of honesty and graceful simplicity – and of course there was those church hats. I remember her hardy laugh, and I remember her tears when just how far God had brought her would well up in her being. But most of all, I will remember most that OVA lemon-jello cake. OH MY GOD!! I would tell her all the time, "2girl you need to work that cake and buy you a house”. Teri please send me some cake from heaven. That cake, that cake, that cake!!

Teri and I were both “momma’s girls” – extremely close to our moms. When her mother made transition, it took something from Teri. She had been forever changed. Now that she has moved into the “realm of unknown goodness”, they can be together again. At least that is my thought. Teri leaves behind an examples of lady-like grace and kindness. We will love you always sister.
Rest – Transform – Emerge – BE

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