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SD-area electro?

So I hit up another community (probably the wrong one, as I got zero responses) a while ago with this question: does anyone know any good electrologists in the San Diego area?

I've been on hormones for going on six years now, had about half a dozen laser sessions, and I'm almost 4 months post-op... but the past year or so, it seems like my facial hair is making a little comeback. Rather than chance laser not doing it for me again, I'd like to try the electro route this time. I'd prefer personal recommendations, i.e. someone you've actually tried before and found to be good. I'd also like to know how much they cost.

I live way the hell out in the desert, but I get into town on a weekly basis so it's not a big deal to travel anywhere in San Diego county. Also the Coachella Valley area too, since it's just as close for me.

I'm shaving on a near-daily basis again and it's driving me nuts. HALP!!!!

P.S.: also, I'm curious if anyone knows anything about that North Park "Tuesday Night Clinic" thing... I'm sick of getting my hormones from Inhouse as I'm sure they're not the cheapest.
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